Friday, October 3, 2014

Fall already

I clearly have not kept up as I thought I would! 

We are back to normal around here, or the new normal since it's a new year with a new kid and a new dog! 
Bel is in 2nd grade, a new year with new excitement and new challenges. She continues to love art, always doodling, coloring or creating. The imagination on her is so fun to watch come to life! She is dancing again at the same studio but has added a class which she loves. There was also a driving force to join soccer this fall. When Buddy wasn't here yet she played, it was not anything more than picking flowers, but now she is running, kicking and we'll trying to play goalie. All in all a great start to a new school year!

Buddy boy...where to start with this guy? He is 3, boy, I mean all boy. Never in my wildest of dreams would I have been able to predict what being a mom to a boy, now two would be like. This guy is a hand picked gift and a true challenge. His energy is boundless, with eagerness to play, talk sports, toss a ball, take slapshots and shoot arrows with a hanger as is bow. He is 99% potty trained thanks to a long weekend with Grandma and Grandpa while we visited friends out east. He loves super heros too, he wants to wear them, rapead them, play them, and thank God for marketing because he can eat them too. He is back at daycare and loves it there and is bummed when his buddies aren't there. He also started Fath Formation and is super excited about it (he is working on learning the Hail Mary, his siter is teaching him). He will be starting to skate next week and I think that will provide him with what will be his love in life, hockey! 

Little dude is almost 7 months. He is a bundle, not a light one, of pure love. He smiles, snuggles and talks up a storm. He has adjusted to daycare though isn't a fan of napping (which isn't new to him) but has a BFF there and is with Buddy so it's great! He is curious about everything his siblings do and say. They are his world though he is for sure a mamas noy, which we'll I don't mind. He has finally out grown his daddy makes me cry stage so that has been fun to see the relationship between DH and LD develop. He is so good natured getting dragged around to what everyone else has going on, I hope his personality stays similar to what it is now, an easy going kiddo would be a nice change!

I started my 11th school where my career is continuing to fulfill my dreams of teaching. Each year is different, new challenges, new joys. I am blessed beyond measure to get to do what I love. DH is our constant. Though he is exhausted at the end of the day, his commitment to our family and faith is never shaken. We are looking forward to our 10th wedding anniversary this year and of course what the rest of 2014 will bring!

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